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no not much

so far today i have had a plan but a plan to go to sanford and look at cars for rhondas sister. but i need to barrow my moms car to make sure i get there and back with out breaking down. so my mom and dad and grandma are out to lunch in my moms car, so i have to wait until they get back but by then it will be to late. oh yeah and by the way i don't know where this car place is.
so you mite ask what have you been doing peter?

and i would answer not much.

(so this leads to my pome of the day)

not much is not nothing.

but not much is not somthing.

not much is more than nothing.

but not much is less than something.

so it seems that my life is not much.

not nothing

and not something

more than nothing

and less than some thing

(this leads to my prayer)

please God make me do anything for you.

what i have realy been doing to day is trying to fix my dads computer there is nothing realy wrong with it just has no more memory, so i have been downsizing it so i and others can put more stuff on it so in the long run i will have done no work today.
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