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today i went blueberry picking with my coworker Elise. This nice dude that comes into the library all the time invited us to his house were he has tons of blueberries. we were there for only about 2 hours, but you can guess what happened. that's right, sunburn. i put sunscreen on. SPF 50! it doesn't come any stronger! sweat proof and all, but yet my back and tops of my shoulders are killing me.

when i got home i took the stems off, and washed them. I also talked to my mom a little bit. i got some helpful stuff from her.

Right now it sounds like it is going to storm, and the dog is freaking out. he is so weird. i guess that is why he fits into the house so well. we are a bunch of weird people.

Last night watching the matrix 2 and all the activities associated with it, was so much fun. i am glad that melanie's friend amber owen went. i like her. i didn't get to talk to her so much at mel's grad party, so i didn't really know her, but i do now, and she is really cool.

Daily Quote - "That's really not cool." -Melanie
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